Windows 7 Videos: Start Button and Calculator

September 20, 2008

Start Menu, look the start button when mouse hovers on it

New calculator, I really like it very much.

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微软干什么去了?每天都在搞这些小玩意儿吗?这叫什么Windows 7?就是个Windows 6.00000000000001而已。难道不应该先搞核心架构,再来界面、附件的小修小补吗?

by Baiyssy on 2008-09-21 at 12:52 am. #

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[...] 7, Windows 7. Bem, sem muitos rodeios, vamos aos vídeos que vi agora pouco no ThinkNext. O primeiro que você vai ver mostra o botão de iniciar do Windows 7 M3, que contém o efeito [...]

by DeskMundo » Vídeos do Windows 7 M3 on 2008-09-21 at 8:20 am. #

Why isn’t there a full desktop screenshot of Windows 7 build 6780 since there are 39 images and 2 videos?

Would someone post a full desktop screenshot of Windows 7 Build 6780?

by Mark on 2008-09-21 at 10:19 am. #

Wanna know what is Microsoft, doing, simply visit Engineering Windows 7.
When you see gadgets , it doesn’t mean there is no change in the kernel, how falicious your logic is…

by Ryan Raphael on 2008-09-21 at 2:12 pm. #

It should be fallacious

by Ryan Raphael on 2008-09-21 at 2:14 pm. #

Buy a Mac… geesh.

by Erp on 2008-09-21 at 5:44 pm. #

[...] Os caras do ThinkNext, os mesmos que liberaram aquele monte de screenshots, prometeram e cumpriram: ontem, alguns vídeos do Windows 7 M3 apareceram por lá. [...]

by WinAjuda » Vídeos do Windows 7 M3! on 2008-09-21 at 9:05 pm. #

Very nice, thanks for the pictures.

by Cool on 2008-09-21 at 10:38 pm. #

[...] on and Much to see? Well, ribbon UI in WordPad and Paint; a much-enhanced Calculator with Standard, Scientific, Programmer, Statistics and Date Calculation modes; and an IDE, sorry ISE [...]

by Tim Anderson’s ITWriting - Tech writing blog » Windows 7 screenshots hit the web on 2008-09-21 at 10:45 pm. #

Where do you get Windows 7? I want to test it too.

by Gyrxiur on 2008-09-22 at 12:07 am. #

one more microsoft’s fantastic product…
now the start button lits!!!!!!!!!
and there’s a calculator with functions!!!!!!!
no man saw these things before on a computer.
but we know what’s the next windows innovation:
new ways to crash, beyond human knowledge…
long live the blue screen of death…

by forgall on 2008-09-22 at 1:20 am. #

[...] Domingo 21-09-08 Windows Durante este fin de semana han salido a la luz pantallazos y vídeos breves de novedades y cambios en la M3 de Windows 7 (concretamente, la compilación 6780). Para quienes no [...]

by Windows 7 comienza a tomar forma « Blog de Jolo on 2008-09-22 at 1:42 am. #

windows 7 gui is…is… a kde 4 parody :/

by de0 on 2008-09-22 at 3:23 pm. #

[...] 있습니다. IE8을 포함해서 40개 정도의 스크린 샷이 공개되어 있습니다. 또, 시작 버튼과 계산기에 관한 동영상도 볼 수 [...]

by 윈도우 7 Milestone3 더 많은 스크린 샷 | 윈도우 비스타 Tips & Tweaks on 2008-09-22 at 4:17 pm. #

[...] (externer Link). Darüber hinaus haben die chinesischen Blogger zwei Videos live gestellt (Link), die einige Funktionen des neues OS demonstrieren sollen. So wird in einem Clip der bei [...]

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[...] aquele monte de screenshots, prometeram e cumpriram: ontem, alguns vídeos do Windows 7 M3 apareceram por lá. httpv:// Tags: 7, m3, Video, [...]

by Tecinfor » Blog Archive » Vídeos do Windows 7 M3 on 2008-09-22 at 5:41 pm. #

Why dont you put a torrent for it, If you have it.
It would be nice, Please.


by Mahmood on 2008-09-22 at 8:23 pm. #

[...] おいおいおい、これって何てVistaサービスパックwww 麦茶吹いちゃったんですけどwww Engagetの記事にあるリンクから、ネタ元サイト(よく調べてないが、なんか中国語と英語のちゃんぽんなサイト)に行くと、スクショの他に、いくつか動画もある。ざっと見た感じ本物っぽい。動画はYouTubeにあがっているので、削除される可能性があるので、興味のある方はすぐに魚拓を。 [...]

by をぢの日記 » Blog Archive » テクノロジ - Windows 7終了のお知らせ? スクショ & ビデオ流出 on 2008-09-22 at 8:26 pm. #

Looks like the same vista all over again. Some may say still to early to tell but if you go by the betas of Vista Microsoft has already chosen it path. Looks like we will be Living with walls for quite some time…

by Walls on 2008-09-22 at 8:44 pm. #

Microsoft is only doing this to change the name people have become afraid of. This is obvious.

by some random guy on 2008-09-22 at 10:06 pm. #

[...] to a couple of videos posted on YouTube (found via thinknext via Gizmodo) we also know that there’s a cool hover effect over the new Start [...]

by Video: Windows 7 start button and improved calculator — Our Latest Discovery on 2008-09-22 at 10:10 pm. #

Vista has the worst GUI styling I have ever used. I’m still sticking classic view. Not even XP one.

by boom on 2008-09-22 at 11:19 pm. #

[...] N­o­, t­hese clip­s d­o­n­’t­ sho­w a­ lo­t­. But­ when­ we ha­v­e so­ lit­t­le Win­d­o­ws 7 t­o­ p­a­rt­a­ke in­, t­hey sure bea­t­ g­n­a­win­g­ a­t­ t­he lea­t­her in­ o­ur sn­ea­kers. [t­h­inkne­xt­] [...]

by Two Tiny Tastes of Windows 7: Fancier Start Button and Nifty Calculator [Clips] on 2008-09-22 at 11:37 pm. #

this is clearly a hoax for a start the new windows is not going to be called windows its actually a new OS which will be built from scratch this is some one trying too look big saying hes seen the new windows. Vista is the last in the windows line there will be no new Windows OS after vista it is a completely rebuilt OS and it isnt hard to make a calculator so thats why there is no new full windows screen shots

Jamie Lee

by Jamie Lee on 2008-09-23 at 12:17 am. #

Jamie Lee are you retarded? Its obvious that this Windows 7! I know a few people who have the M3 build and what this guy posted is real. Please leave, We dont need anymore noobs around places like these….

by freak180 on 2008-09-23 at 1:48 am. #

freak180, wow don’t hold back tell Jamie Lee how your really feel :) Jamie Lee it your really believe this is not shots of Windows 7 then I would like to introduce my self I Bill Gates… Can anyone say Vista ME second edition?

by Bill Gates on 2008-09-23 at 2:12 am. #

[...] about these Windows 7 previews in the comments. Windows 7 Videos: Sticky Notes and Lightweight WMPWindows 7 Videos: Start Button and Calculator [via [...]

by Life Clerks » Windows 7 Videos Preview What’s to Come [Windows 7] on 2008-09-23 at 4:30 am. #

probly reason that these arnt full screenshot videos is because lets see the vids are probly of vista because my start button does the same thing and im on vista

by dennis on 2008-09-23 at 5:09 am. #

[...] Anywho, if you want to see some video’s of the next Window’s OS, currently named Windows 7, click here. [...]

by Busy Weekend… | P3K on 2008-09-23 at 6:03 am. #

Even for this early stage things are really beginning to shape up. Thanks so much for posting these screenshots!

by Mitchell on 2008-09-23 at 6:33 am. #

dennis first of all, your vista does not do that bc simple, you dont have windows 7 ;)

by Freak180 on 2008-09-23 at 6:34 am. #

@ Freak180 He’s just another one trying say it’s fake I presume.

by Mitchell on 2008-09-23 at 6:39 am. #

[...] No, these clips don’t show a lot. But when we have so little Windows 7 to partake in, they sure beat gnawing at the leather in our sneakers. [thinknext] [...]

by MarsWebZone.Info » Blog Archive » Two Tiny Tastes of Windows 7: Fancier Start Button and Nifty Calculator [Clips] on 2008-09-23 at 7:36 am. #

did they really have to spend time enhancing calc.exe ? I use calculator all of the time (shortcut in my quick launch) but I think there are more important issues that need to be addressed….

by orrin on 2008-09-23 at 8:47 am. #

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by Windows 7 Videos Preview What’s to Come [Windows 7] | on 2008-09-23 at 9:28 am. #

[...] There’ve been numerous reports over the weekend that Microsoft has released another test build of Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista. While I tend to take leaked screenshots with a grain of salt, I’m a sucker for video – even if it doesn’t show that much. So today I bring you a video of the integrated calculator that may ship with Windows 7. [...]

by Windows 7 comes with an updated, oh-so-pretty calculator | CHARGED's 24/7 News Aggregator on 2008-09-23 at 9:53 am. #

呵呵 那个开始按钮发光很显然是跟腾讯学的啊!!!


by jht on 2008-09-23 at 3:38 pm. #

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