Windows 7 M3 Build 6780: Pictures and Videos(soon)

September 19, 2008

Yes, new post about latest Windows 7 M3 Build 6780. Background: I’ve reported priori Windows 7 versions before.

Start Menu: the visual design of search box and shutdown/lock buttons are changed. The right panel is simplified.

What programs are installed?



User Account Control appeared only once during my experience. When I clicked SnagIt installer UAC popped up. That’s very nice to see Microsoft has decided to restrain UAC.

Obviously the Welcome is a draft. Don’t’ make it wrong, the SKUs (Ultimate, Home Basic etc.) have not been finalized. The strings are just inherited from Vista.

Yes, the UI: Ribbon! First introduced in Office 2007 and now we can see it in Windows 7 Paint and WordPad. No Notepad isn’t in Ribbon style.

My Computer:
Check the left panel. Libraries is the My Documents equalvent in Windows 7.

Toolbar reorganized:

New Control Panel items:
Systray icon settings:

Context menu on Desktop

Setup your monitor

Gadget: looks same as in Vista

Games: first startup

Internet Explorer 8:

the error page

Web Slice

Some integrated services found in Page menu



Compatibility mode

Open a new tab

Light Windows Media Player?
Click a video file and a ‘light’ WMP appears. For details, check my video later.

This is the full Windows Media Player

Power Shell

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